New Sounds New Styles was a conference and showcase exploring the intersections of music and technology curated by celebrated designer Malcolm Garrett with 3D audio production from Martyn Ware (Heaven 17, The Human League), Simon Poulter (Close and Remote) and hosted by  Fred Deakin (Lemon Jelly, Project 2).

The conference and performances explored immersive audio and VR, showcasing the best in current research, authoring, design and performance. New Sounds New Styles is a joint AHRC and Digital Catapult venture managed by the Creative Economy Programme.

Videos including a full playlist, photos, programme and links to all the speakers, artists and performers that took part in the event on the 14th December 2017 are available below.


Hosted by Fred Deakin (Professor of Digital Arts, UAL)

» Audio / VR Showcase
Hackoustic + Lee Mason HTC VR ‘workshop’ + demos from Kinicho 3-D Audio & Focal Point VR

Welcome and introductions
Digital Catapult : Jeremy Silver [video]
AHRC Andrew Chitty [video]

Fred Deakin : What is Immersive? [video]


Session One

» Applied Soundscaping : Fred Deakin + Martyn Ware (Illustrious) + Stefan Kazassoglou (Kinicho) [video]
Interlude: Dr Paul Ferguson [video]
» Feminist Algorave : Joanne Armitage + Coral Manton [video]
Interlude: Kirk Woolford [video]
» Where are we? intro to VR : Simon Poulter (Close and Remote) + Lee Mason + Jonathan Newth (Focal Point VR) [video]

Breakout : Immersive experiences + Hackoustic artists

Session Two

Interlude: Joel Karamath [video]
» Radiophonic Workshop : Mark Ayres + Roger Limb
Interlude: Jack Driscoll [video]
» Acoustic Hacking & Instrument Making : Helen Steer, Tim Yates, Tom Fox, Kuljit Bhamra (Hackoustic) [video]
Interlude: Luke Worgan [video]
» [re]locate : Tahera Aziz (LSBU) [video]

» Audience Q&A moderated by Fred Deakin [video]



Performances from:
Project 2 : Sci-Fi Improv [video]
OFFAL : Orchestra for Females and Laptops [video]

Hackoustic artists:
Tom Fox, Vulpestruments; Tim Yates, Curio; Sam Battle, LookMumNoComputer; Andrew Hockey, Kinetic Tones; Jen Haughan, Sonic Ensemble; Kuljit Bhamra, Evolution of the Tabla Drum.

Programme FLYER

The event featured a programme with full details about the speakers and performers, links to their websites and contact details. It was designed by Malcolm Garrett. The PDF version is available to download.


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Photos were taken by Sam Michel and are available on Flickr in hi-resolution.


A huge thank you to the New Sounds New Styles speakers, performers and production team.

Malcolm Garrett + Fred Deakin + Hackoustic + Kinicho 3-D Audio + Focal Point VR + Jeremy Silver + Andrew Chitty + Martyn Ware + Stefan Kazassoglou + Joanne Armitage + Coral Manton + Libertad Figueroa + Diana Medina + Amble Skuse + Simon Poulter + Lee Mason + Jonathan Newth + Mark Ayres + Roger Limb + Tahera Aziz + Joel Karamath + Jack Driscoll + Luke Worgan + Kirk Woolford + Dr Paul Ferguson + Tom Fox + Tim Yates + Sam Battle + Andrew Hockey + Jen Haughan + Kuljit Bhamra + Project 2 + OFFAL + Tara Solesbury + Eliza SolesburySam Michel + Asa Bennett + Elena Ware + Digital Catapult + AHRC + Creative Economy Programme


New Sounds New Styles was managed by the AHRC Creative Economy Programme and supported by the Arts & Humanities Research Council and the Digital Catapult.