What We Do

The Creative Economy Team helps you bring to life the story of your research and innovation and make sure it gets the attention it deserves from the people you want to engage with. 


We work with you to make that happen, reaching new audiences, unlocking future opportunities and funding.


The best starting point is to map out who you want to reach, then build a plan of action carefully matched to your needs.

Then we get to work, identifying the best stories and getting them out there, building the audience and engaging with them via whatever works – newsletters, blogs, articles, social media, videos, animations, or good old fashioned print publications.


On big projects there are always stories unfolding along the way that should see the light of day.

It might be a heavy-going report we can bring to life in an unusual way, or perhaps a video that shows the human faces behind the work. CET tell each story in a voice and format carefully tuned to have the biggest impact.


Whether you are planning to host an event or make a noise at someone else’s, we can help. We lead events from small workshops and to large scale networking events, launches and conferences.

Our team can run the show end-to-end, curating the programme, arranging logistics, and getting the word out to bring the audience in. Or we can work alongside your team, adding extra hands and experience where it’s needed.

We work with