This £2m Research and Partnership Development call for the Next Generation of Immersive Experiences supports the development of early-stage research partnerships that will explore the creation of new immersive experiences addressing three key themes: Memory, Place and Performance.

Funded Projects

AHRC and EPSRC announced 32 research projects have been awarded funding through the Research and Partnership Development call for the Next Generation of Immersive Experiences.

Read the official announcement: AHRC and EPSRC fund 32 projects to lead the future of immersive experiences.

The Immersive Experiences Award Holders are: 

The Augmented Telegrapher: Multi‐player Mixed Reality in a Museum context

Falmouth University
Principal Investigator: Tanya Krzywinska
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Space, Place, Sound, and Memory: Immersive Experiences of the Past

University of Edinburgh
Principal Investigator:  James Cook
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Design Standards for Place‐Based Immersive Experiences

Glasgow School of Art
Principal Investigator:  Steve Love
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Immersive Dickens: Creating a Prototype, Mixed‐Reality Experience for 15‐18 year‐ olds

Victoria and Albert Museum
Principal Investigator: Kati Price

User Not Found: Social Media Technologies as Immersive Performance

University of Reading
Principal Investigator:  Lib Taylor
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Augmented Browsing of Books in Historic Libraries

University of the Arts London
Principal Investigator: Nicholas Pickwoad

Experiencing the Lost and Invisible: AR Visualisation of the Past at Bryn Celli Ddu, Anglesey

Manchester Metropolitan
Principal Investigator: Benjamin Edwards

Objects of Immersion

Lancaster University
Principal Investigator: Paul Coulton
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Digital Engagement for Heritage‐led Urban Regeneration

University of Sheffield
Principal Investigator: Dawn Hadley
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The Life of Buildings

Manchester Metropolitan University
Principal Investigator: Richard Brook

Integrated immersive inclusiveness: trialling immersive technologies in the creation of inclusive and integrated theatre for deaf audiences

University of Nottingham
Principal Investigator: Joanna Kate Robinson

The Digital Ghost Hunt

University of Sussex
Principal Investigator: Mary Krell

A creative partnership to develop immersive simulations of ancient heritage sites

Bournemouth University
Principal Investigator: Liz Falconer

A Sense of Place: Exploring Nature & Wellbeing through the Non‐Visual Senses

University of Bristol
Principal Investigator: Victoria Bates

Reality Remix

Coventry University
Principal Investigator: Ruth Gibson
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vRSP: virtual (Re)Sounding of Place

University of Surrey
Principal Investigator:  Kirk Woolford
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Their Memory: Exploring Veteran's Voices, Virtual Reality and Collective Memory

University of Abertay Dundee
Principal Investigator: Iain Donald
[Read more]

Scottish Heritage Partnership: Immersive Experiences

University of Glasgow
Principal Investigator: Murray Pittock

Immersion and Inclusive Music Performance

Queen’s University of Belfast
Principal Investigator: Franziska Schroeder

The Common Line: generating novel encounters with place through art‐geography and immersive technologies

University of Exeter
Principal Investigator: John Wylie

Children's Magical Realism for New Spatial Interactions: AR and Archives

Newcastle University
Principal Investigator: Tom Schofield
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The hills are alive: combining the benefits of natural environments and group singing through immersive experiences

University of York
Principal Investigator: Helena Daffern

The Challenge of the Xingu: indigenous cultures in the museum of the future

Queen Mary University of London
Principal Investigator: Paul Heritage
[Read more]

Corpus Quod

University of Birmingham
Principal Investigator: Joanna Bucknall

Developing immersive experience at Caistor Roman Town

University of Nottingham
Principal Investigator: William Bowden
Visit the main Immersive Experiences page for details of the announcement, resources and links for the Research and Partnership Development call for the Next Generation of Immersive Experiences.

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