An initial analysis of the 2015 creative industries data from the Office of National Statistics prepared by Nesta for applicants to the Creative Industries Clusters Programme.



The Creative Industries Clusters Programme recognises that there are different types of data and evidence which can inform our understanding of the Creative Industries, how they are currently supported and how they interact with research organisations. Some of these data will be useful to make publicly available as exciting and innovative collaborative R&D programmes are scoped and established for the Creative Industries Clusters Programme.

The Programme is exploring different additional datasets and analyses which can be made available to applicants and eventual award holders and has embarked on phased activity to collect information relevant to the Programme since August 2017 and the launch of the Policy and Evidence Centre in Summer 2018.

The Programme has commissioned an initial analysis of the 2015 data from the Office of National Statistics to be made available to applicants. Further data and analyses may be made available in 2018 to support bid development between Stage 1 and Stage 2 and to inform successful award holders of the Creative R&D Partnerships and the Policy and Evidence Centre.

NESTA have provided an analysis for the Programme of the 2015 ONS data on employment and business specialisation. This analysis builds on the methodology used by NESTA for the Geography of Creativity in the UK: Creative cluster, creative people and creative networks (2016) report by Juan Mateos-Garcia and Hasan Bakhshi.[1]

[1] and the data made available by NESTA

The Data

The information below includes the following:

  • A series of notes and caveats to support how the data are interpreted and used.

  • The data visualised as maps of Creative Industries activity across the UK presented in aggregate across the Creative Industries activity and at sub-sector level.
  • The data and maps are embedded below and available as a Google Sheet, in Excel format and as a PDF document.
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